Circle Round for Justice, Healing, Courage-Highlights from Our General Assembly

Each year, Unitarian Universalists from all around the country and beyond gather for our General Assembly, a time of worship and workshops, learning and action. It can be inspiring, challenging, even transformative to hear, see and witness our denomination! We will share insights and learning from GA, explore actions UU members have chosen to take, and feel our connection to our greater


Circle Round for Justice,Healing, Courage-UU General Assembly Highlights 
with Rev. Telos Whitfield

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Order of Service
Sunday, June 27, 2021

Welcome                                                                Rev. Telos Whitfield

Announcements                                                    Sarah Lott

Prelude “Chanson Triste Op. 40:2”   Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Eva Greene, piano
(This score was a gift from Charles Butterfield, 14 years ago.  Thank you for being my teacher, Charles.)

Chalice Lighting  by Maureen Killoran                  
In these hard times, let us look first to the response of love.
In the midst of challenge, may our chalice flame bear witness to the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.
In the midst of uncertainty, may our chalice be a beacon of encouragement, that our values may guide our choices.
Let us look first to the response of love.

Opening Words                                                 Rev. Telos

Opening Hymn #121 – “We’ll Build a Land”
words: Barbara Znetti; music: Carolyn McDade
sung by Cathie Creed and Eva Greene

Story for All of Us – “We Are UUs”

Reflection     “Our 8th Principle”                    Catie G. Berg

Anthem: “Sumer is icumen in”
        (summer has arrived), attr. to W. de Wycombe, 13th C.
All Souls Choir

Sharing Our Affirmation                                 Sarah Lott

Reflections from General Assembly             Marty Shaw and Jamie Gibson

Hymn #208    “Every Time I Feel the Spirit”
trad. African-Amer. hymn, c. 1750-1875
arranged and performed by Bob Wyckoff and Steve Squires

Reflection:  “Our Larger UU Community-Healing and Justice Work Continue On!              Rev. Telos 

Offering shared with Edible Brattleboro

Offertory:   “Arietta” from “Lyric Pieces”    Edvard Grieg
Eva Greene, piano

Blessing our Candles of Joy and Concerns

Closing Hymn   “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
words: Robert Robinson, Eugene Navias
music: John Wyeth (“Nettleton”)
sung and produced by Steve Squires

Closing Words                                                 Rev. Telos

Extinguishing our Chalice by Maureen Killoran

This is the message of our faith
To act with passion in the face of injustice.
To love with courage in the midst of life’s pain.
This is the meaning of our chalice flame.
May it empower our hearts until we are together again.

Closing Circle and Song
“Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.” (2X)

Conversation and Coffee