Speaker: Rev. Telos Whitfield

“Leaning Into Change”

We recognize that change is inevitable, a part of living that can be challenging and transformative. We will reflect on how to adapt to changes happening to us on a personal level, within our community, and the change/transformations happening at the UU national level. 

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“Sharing Who We Are”

“Sharing Who We Are” with Rev. Telos Whitfield.
This multigenerational service will be interactive and celebrate who we are and what we each offer with ritual,  stories and music, We will hold our Annual Flower Ceremony so bring a flower or flowers to share! 

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“Cultivating Hope”

Sobering and inspiring, Active Hope written by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone offers tools to “face the mess we are in and the role we can play in collective transition to a life-sustaining society.”
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“From Resistance to Embrace”

There is much to resist from violence to injustice, racism and homophobia. How do we transform our resistance into an embrace of the good, and the power held within a community? 


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