Speaker: Rev. Telos Whitfield

“Strength in Vulnerability”

Strength in Vulnerability led by Rev. Telos Whitfield. There is strength in our vulnerability, in being able to find our true voices, share our individual experiences, and look to history and today for many examples when vulnerability can be a source of strength.


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“This is My Song”

Click here Sunday shortly before 10:00 a.m. to join via Zoom.

It has been a year since the invasion of Ukraine, and we will honor the resilience and perseverance of the Ukrainian people, and the Russian people who have resisted this war. … read more.

“Love Can Transform”

We know that love has transformative power, can bring healing and solace, encourage peace and reconciliation, and can be life-saving. Let us honor and celebrate the transformative power of Love in all its forms! together! 

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Our Hands of Justice

Together, we reach out and re-commit our hands and hearts to the work of justice. Racial justice, equality and care for our GLBTQ and refugee communities, freedom for all people, and in these times of climate crisis, justice for our earth. May we live, speak … read more.

“Finding Wonder in the Darkness”

When we are facing challenges, it can feel like wandering in the darkness, but there is Wonder to be found all around us. We will embark on this search together – finding hope and wonder here in our own dear community 

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