“Imagine All the People, Living For Today”

We embark on a new year together, and look to our Imagination to envision new ways to connect and care for each other in these challenging and unprecedented times. What inspires and strengthens each of us and our community? 



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                        Order of Service 
                Sunday, January 10, 2021

Welcome                                                              Rev. Telos Whitfield

Announcements                     ASC Board Representative Sarah Lott

Prelude   An Irish Air      [composer unknown]
Peter Gibbons,  Viola

Lighting Our Chalice                                                        Bev Miller

We light this chalice to find inner peace,
Love for one another, and faith in ourselves.
Also, to be welcoming to whomever we meet
And to be kind to all living creatures.
So, gather around this light of hope
as we share this time together.
(Oberlin UU Fellowship, Oberlin, Ohio)

Call to Worship                                                  Rev. Telos Whitfield                 

Opening Hymn   Storm is Passing Over   Charles Albert Tindley
Daniel Kasnitz, voice, instruments and production

Sharing a Story For All of Us    “My Brother Martin”
by Christine King Farris

Unison Affirmation                                                           Sarah Lott

“Love is the spirit of this congregation and
service is its call. Let this be our covenant:
to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love,
and to help one another.”

Sharing My Path to All Souls Church                           Marie Gorst

Anthem                 Peace
        Words by Sara Teasdale, Music by Tom Baehr

               Sung by the All Souls Church Choir

Sharing Readings                                                        Rev. Telos Whitfield

Music and Sign        Imagine          John Lennon
              Interpretation, Bev Miller

Sermon: “Imagine All The People, Living For Today”   Rev. Telos Whitfield

Hymn    We Are All In This Together  Carole King
                 sung by Janis Chaillou,  

Offering  shared with 350 Brattleboro

Offertory     Imagination  Jimmy Van Heusen
         Bob Wyckoff, cornet and production 
       Jamey Aebersold: piano, bass, drums
(Thanks to Jason @jazzbooks.com for permission to stream this track)

Blessing of our Candles of Joy and Concern

Closing Hymn   Just As Long As I Have Breath
         Words, Alicia S. Carpenter   Music, Johann G. Ebeling
     Performed by members of the Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
                                   [used by permission]

Extinguishing Our Chalice                                                           Bev Miller

Before we gather here again—
May each of us bring happiness into another’s life;
May we each be surprised by the gifts that surround us;
May each of us be enlivened by constant curiosity—
And may we remain together in spirit ‘til the hour we meet again.
(Barbara Cheatham)

Closing Circle and song 

      “Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again” (sung 2 times)


Conversation and Coffee Hour