“Fire of Commitment”

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Ministry is all that we do, together. Each of us strengthens and sustains this spiritual community. What fuels the fire of your commitment to this dear community? We will find meaning in the ancient story of Palm Sunday – celebration of Jesus as a revolutionary leader. This Sunday will also celebrate the culmination of our Stewardship Campaign! 

Order of Service
Sunday, March 28, 2021

Welcome                                                                          Rev. Telos Whitfield

Announcements                                                              Ron Niswander

Stewardship Campaign Update                                     Christina Gibbons

Prelude     Chanson de Matin     Edward Elgar
Tom Baehr, flute; Eva Greene, piano; Daniel Kasnitz, production

Chalice  Lighting                                                              Catie G. Berg

With the kindling of this flame,
we reaffirm our commitment to accept life’s gifts
with grace and gratitude and use them
to bless the world in the spirit of love.

Opening Words                                                                Rev. Telos Whitfield

Opening Hymn #44       We Sing of Golden Mornings 
Ralph Waldo Emerson; Southern Harmony, 1835
Catie Berg, soprano; Eva Greene, piano

Story For All of Us     “The  Promise”  by Nicole Davies
Sharing Our Affirmation                                                 Ron Niswander
“Love is the spirit of this congregation and
service is its call. Let this be our covenant:
to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love,
and to help one another.”

My Stewardship Path to All Souls                                   Leslie Kinney

Sermon: “Fire of Commitmemt”                                     Rev. Telos Whitfield

Hymn #1008  When Our Heart Is In a Holy Place          Joyce Payle
performed and produced by Steve Squires

Offering  shared with Food Connects

Offertory        Corde Natus (Of the Father’s Love Begotten), 11 c. chant
sung by St Martins Chamber Choir

Blessing of our Candles of Joy and Concern

Closing Hymn #1028   The Fire of Commitment
Mary Katherine Morn &  Jason Shelton
performed by Jason Shelton.

Extinguishing Our Chalice                                               Catie G. Berg
With the extinguishing of our flame,
we are reminded that our light continues on,
connecting us to this community and the world.

Closing Words                                                                  Rev. Telos Whitfield

Closing Circle and song
“Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again” (sung 2 times)

Conversation and Coffee Hour