Our Crafting Community

On Sunday, October 30th, we will celebrate our long tradition of crafting in a lay led service.  Out crafters are responsible for our Holiday Bazaar on the first Saturday of December and a new tradition of a Spring Fair.  The service this Sunday will explore the history of these activities which not only raise money for the church but create opportunities for great fellowship and fun.  We will also be introducing a beautiful quilt for raffle.  Tickets will be sold during the month of November and a winner will be drawn at the Bazaar on December 3rd.

We anticipate that this service will be both in-person and on Zoom. Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 a.m. to join via Zoom. Click here to read our protocols for in-person attendance.When attending in person, please completely power off your cell phone during the service to preserve the Church’s WiFi bandwidth for our Zoom attendees.

“Our Crafting Community”

     Sunday, October 30, 2022
Order of Service

Service Leader: Christina Gibbons


Greeting to congregants online and in person                        Christina Gibbons
ASC Board Greeting and Announcements                               Elizabeth Lewis

Prelude: Litanei auf das fest allerseelen (Litany for All Souls)   Franz Schubert
Peter Gibbons, viola;  Eva Greene, piano

Chalice Lighting by William Schulz
Come into this place of peace and let its silence heal your spirit;
Come into this place of memory and let its history warm your soul;
Come into this place of prophesy and power and let its vision change your heart.

Lighting our Children’s Chalice
We light this chalice to celebrate Unitarian Universalism. We are the church of the open minds. We are the church of the helping hands. We are the church of the loving hearts.

Responsive Reading  “Morning Poem”   by Mary Oliver    
Every morning the world is created.
Under the orange sticks of the sun the heaped ashes of the night turn into leaves again
And fasten themselves to the high branches — and the ponds appear like black cloth on which are painted islands of summer lilies.
If it is your nature to be happy you will swim away along the soft trails for hours, your imagination lighting everywhere.
And if your spirit carries within it the thorn that is heavier than lead – if it’s all you can do to keep on trudging –
There is still somewhere deep within you a beast shouting that the earth is exactly what it wanted –
Each pond with its blazing lilies is a prayer heard and answered lavishly, every morning,
Whether or not you have ever dared to be happy,
Whether of not you have ever dared to pray.

Opening Hymn #42:  “Morning, So Fair to See”

Story for All Ages:  “The Most Magnificent Thing”
written and illustrated by Ashley Spires, read by Marty Shaw

Anthem: “How Sweet the Darkness” 
All Souls Choir, Tom Baehr, Director

Readings: Origins of the Bazaar             Anonymous & Kathy Squires

Hymn  #289:  “Creative Love, Our Thanks We Give”

Memories and Reflections                                     Christina Gibbons

Offering shared with The Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Offertory: Bondens Sang  (Farmers Song)  Edvard Grieg
                          Eva Greene, piano

Honoring the Candles of Joys and Sorrows                                

Closing Hymn #69:  “Give Thanks”

Extinguishing the Chalice: “Harbingers of Frost”  Robert T. Weston

Autumn, we know
Is life en route to death.
The asters are but harbingers of frost.
The trees, flaunting their colors at the sky,
In other times will follow where the leaves have fallen
And so shall we.
Yet other lives will come.
So may we know, accept, embrace,
The mystery of life we hold a while
Nor mourn that it outgrows each separate self
But still rejoice that we may have our day.
Lift high our colors to the sky! and give
In our time, fresh glory to the earth.

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)


Coffee Hour and Conversation