“Poems of the Spirit”

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The topic for this Sunday’s Zoom service at All Souls Church is “Poems of the Spirit.”  Members and friends will be reading original poems which express a wide range of human experience.  Readers include Charles Butterfield, Ed Burke, Fran Freeman, Tom Baehr, Mara Berkley, Howard Burrows, Maisie Crowther, Elizabeth Lewis, and Christina Gibbons.  In addition there will be a recording of the ASC choir singing “This Year That Comes,”  an original piece with lyrics by Fran Freeman and music by Tom Baehr.  

“Poems of the Spirit”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Order of Service
Sunday, July 25, 2021

Board Greeting & Announcements                      Catie G. Berg

Prelude:  “Morning Prayer”
Eva Greene, piano
Chalice Lighting   “Summer Meditation”               Ian Hefele

Introduction                                                           Christina Gibbons

Opening Hymn #1010 “Oh, We Give Thanks” by Wendy Luella Perkins
sung by Elizabeth Lewis and Steve Squires

Reader 1 Charles Butterfield  Fog is My Element, Happenstance, Dressing for September

Reader 2 Ed Burke   Summer No Matter What,  Late August 2,  Late August 3

Reader 3 Fran Freeman  My Teachers

Anthem “This Year That Comes”  Lyrics Fran Freeman , Music Tom Baehr
Choir: Cathie Creed, Maisie Crowther, Marie Gorst, Elizabeth Lewis,
Christina Gibbons, Steve Squires, Beth McKinney and Bob Wyckoff

Reader 4 Tom Baehr    The Garden Sundial, Teddy Bears, You Smiled

Reader 5 Mara Berkeley   Exiled: Ode to the East Village

Reader 6 Howard Burrows Me and You,  Mad and Muddy

Hymn #112 “Do You Hear” lyrics by Emily Thorn, to the tune Union Harmony
Catie Berg, soprano

Reader 7 Maisie Crowther   Birds After a Morning Thunderstorm

Reader 8   Elizabeth Lewis  Ode to White Noise

Reader 9 Christina Gibbons  Traveling in Place

Offering shared with Windham County NAACP

Offertory: “Pavana” from Cinque Pezzi Facili      Nino Rota composer
Tom Baehr, flute; Eva Greene, piano
Candles of Joys and Concerns                                    Christina Gibbons                                    

Closing Hymn #108 “My Life Flows On” (how can I keep from singing)
sung by Marie Gorst, Steve Squires and Eva Greene

Extinguishing the Chalice                                                Ian Hefele

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)