The Lights of Community

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In this season, many candles are lit, ancient and modern stories shared among families and communities. The  lighting of the Menorah represented religious and cultural freedom for the Maccabee people; and Advent candles are often lit to symbolize patience, freedom, hope and peace. We will kindle our lights and honor the traditions and our community!


Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Order of Service
Sunday, December 13, 2020



Prelude:  “Kaleidoscope” for baritone dulcimer
composed and played by Tom Baehr

Lighting Our Chalice 

We kindle our flame in celebration of the traditions
honored in this season and the Light we hold in common.
May this light lift our spirits and remind us of our deep connection
to this community of caring.

Opening Words 

Opening Hymn #223:  “Ma’oz Tsur” (Rock of Ages)
traditional Hanukah song, ca. 1880
sung by Steve & Eva

Lighting Our Menorah

Sharing a Story For All of Us: “The Christmas Menorahs”

Unison Affirmation

“Love is the spirit of this congregation and
service is its call. Let this be our covenant:
to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love,
and to help one another.”

My Path to All Souls Church – Karen Tyler

Lighting our Advent Candles 

Anthem – “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”
words from the 9th century, music by Charles Gounod
sung by our All Souls Choir with musical direction by Tom Baehr


Sermon: The Lights of Our Community

Hymn#226: “People Look East”
traditional French carol, Marty Haugen, producer

Offering shared with Groundworks Collaborative

Offertory  “Journey” for fife & bass dulcimer
composed and played by Tom Baehr

Blessing of our Candles of Joy and Concern

Closing Hymn #131: ” Love Will Guide Us”    lyrics by Sally Rogers
sung by Christina, Marie, Eva & Steve

Extinguishing Our Chalice: words of Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Never has it been more true than now:
We extinguish this flame,
But the sparks within us remain alight.
From each of us, in our supposed solitude,
The signals buzz and hum, sparkling through space one to another,
Connecting us invisibly
But palpably.
We are one.
And from every window,
Our light shines.

Closing Circle and song
“Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.” (sung 2X)


Conversation and Coffee Hour