Speaker: Diana Martha Clark

“Wondrous Landscape, Through a Child’s Eyes”

According to Robert McFarlane, author of “Landmarks: ‘Joyous’ Observer” and a trilogy of books about landscape and the human heart, the language of young children might be called “Childish.”  We were all fluent in Childish once, and there are more than a billion native speakers today….though in time, all those speakers will forget they ever … Continue reading “Wondrous Landscape, Through a Child’s Eyes”

“The Empathy Effect”

Drawing on “The Empathy Effect” by Dr. Helen Riess, All Souls member Diana Martha Clark, DMC, MSW, MA will  introduce us to the 7 neuroscience-based keys to understanding and increasing empathy. The latest research on how empathy works from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital has led to a powerful system for understanding and … Continue reading “The Empathy Effect”