Speaker: Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard

Rev. Dr. Patience Stoddard served our congregation as a consulting minister about 20 years ago (though to her it certainly doesn’t feel that long). She is grateful for the opportunity to return to the pulpit at All Souls and to share this service with you.

“Just Care”

Our visiting minister (and former minister of ASC), Rev. Patience Stoddard, will join us this morning to share her inspiring experiences as Director of Pastoral Care at New Hampshire Hospital. She will share her views on the injustice of stigma and inadequate care of those with … read more.

Living Fully Within Limits

The service this Sunday is entitled “Living fully within Limits” and is about the challenge and rewards of embracing life even when it is difficult or disappointing.  If we lean into changes as we age or as we say goodbye to places and people who … read more.