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Memorial Service Form

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From the Caring Circle

“We have nothing to Fear but …….Courage!” let’s all be courageous and reach out to connect with folks we might not usually interact with. This might be during coffee hour after the service, during the day at work, or walking through town or your neighborhood. It can be as simple as “Hello, it’s good to … Continue reading From the Caring Circle

Caring Circle

Mission Statement The Caring Circle’s Mission is, with the minister’s guidance, to provide and facilitate loving support and care for members of the All Souls community. We act on requests from the minister, individuals, and their families, and respond only when we have been given permission. Congregants are encouraged to seek compassionate council with the … Continue reading Caring Circle

Pastoral Care

All Souls Church is a community of caring. There are challenges that we all might face and go through – death and loss, intimate struggles, conflicts and experiences where we may need the counsel and support of our minister, Rev. Telos Whitfield. She is available to offer confidential pastoral care and support to our members … Continue reading Pastoral Care