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Getting Together

We would love to see you before, after or outside of services.

Saturday Women’s Gathering: Our gathering uses a modified Small Group model of check-in and discussion. Bring your questions and share in our search for answers to Life’s Great Mysteries. We encourage all women, whether you … read more.

Here’s What’s Happening at ASC

Sunday Hospitality

Sometimes our cupboards are bare! You can help stock them with crackers, cookies, snacks, and juice. Also donating sliced cheese, washed grapes and apples will round out our offerings for Sunday Coffee hour. Then get your hands wet, helping washing the dishes and putting … read more.

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership Committee is to greet members and friends and to help them become comfortable with the Church Community. This ranges from welcoming them to Sunday services, sponsoring social events such as circle dinners (and lunches), shepherding through the process of becoming … read more.

Visiting Us

You are always welcome at All Souls Church UU. We are embracing of many beliefs, welcoming of all genders and sexual orientations, and increasingly accessible to people of all abilities.

Joining us for worship? Learn about what to expect in our thought-provoking and soulful worship services.
Interested in … read more.


Finding Your Niche

In a functional family everyone has a role to play, and the same is true in our All Souls Church family. Some roles (chores?) have to be done every week, and newcomers are always welcome to join in the fun. See the form … read more.

Become a Member

There are two paths to membership in All Souls Church. For folks who have been UU members in other congregations the path is shorter, as we assume they know about the principles, history, and governance of UU congregations and only need information about our specific … read more.



We have been back at Church in person since March. We are offering weekly projects with our children on Sundays.  The children begin the service with everyone in the Main church hall, often seated at their table, by the piano, with quiet activities. After the … read more.

Memorial Services and Funerals

When a member or friend of All Souls Church dies, a memorial service is usually held in the church. The congregation’s minister will officiate at this memorial service, planning the details with the individual’s family. Very much like other worship services, a memorial service will … read more.


A wedding ceremony is a sacred event that we would be honored to host at All Souls UU Church. Rev. Telos has performed many wedding ceremonies in sanctuaries, barns, chapels and open fields. She works with a couple to honor their faith traditions and family … read more.

Child Dedications

We dedicate children to All Souls Church in West Brattleboro in a ceremony that contain some elements similar to a baptism. We ask the congregation to dedicate itself to the infant or child while asking the child’s parents to do the same.

A child dedication is … read more.