Shared Offering Program

The Social & Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) coordinates All Souls Church’s shared offering program, which supports various organizations in our community. Through this program SEAC helps our members and friends learn more about a variety of social justice issues and organizations and provide us with … read more.

Here’s What’s Happening at ASC

Sunday Hospitality

Sometimes our cupboards are bare! You can help stock them with crackers, cookies, snacks, and juice. Also donating sliced cheese, washed grapes and apples will round out our offerings for Sunday Coffee hour. Then get your hands wet, helping washing the dishes and putting … read more.

Social and Environmental Action Committee

The Social and Environmental Action Committee (SEAC)


Mission: The All Souls Social & Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) seeks to provide “encouragement for putting our beliefs and values into action and service” as called for by our Church Mission Statement. We are a spiritual community of seekers … read more.

Service Projects

Before the pandemic, preparing and serving meals for Brattleboro’s Winter Overflow Shelter for the Homeless had been a long term service project of All Souls Church as well as other faith communities in the area.  Meals were prepared in our church kitchen once a month … read more.

Social Justice

During the 2017-2018 church year, All Souls Church is undertaking a study of white power and privilege.  From worship services to a film series, to panel discussions and readings, we hope to educate ourselves about the advantages being white offers without those of us who … read more.

Justice and All Souls

A foundation principle of Unitarian Universalism, our passion for justice permeates ASC life.  Our worship services are full of references to it.  In hymns, readings and the stories we tell our children we call everyone’s attention to it.  By sharing our weekly collection with local … read more.