Enews, Newsletter, or Website Post

To submit your news for the enews, newsletter, or website, please visit the “Send us your news” page under the “News” menu and fill out the form. (https://www.ascvt.org/blog/send-us-your-news/)

Tips for filling out the form:

  • In the form, please indicate where you like your news item to be posted by checking the boxes for all souls website, monthly newsletter, and/or weekly-enews.
  • You may type your news text directly into the form or you may choose to upload a file directly. The file upload accepts image files (.png, .jpeg, .gif), text files (.doc, .docx, .odf), and pdf files. Please make sure that you save your file in an accepted format.
  • If you’d like your news to run in multiple editions (mostly applicable to the enews), please indicate the range of dates you’d like your news post to appear in the text box before your news update..
  • If your item asks that you be contacted, make sure to include your phone number and email address in the text of your news.

Deadlines for submission:

  • Enews: The enews is sent every Thursday morning. To be included, submit your content by the Wednesday prior to desired post date.
  • Newsletter: The West Village Voice (ideally) is sent out by the first of each month. To be included, submit your content by the 26th of the month prior, but earlier is better.
  • Website: Website content can be shared anytime, but please submit at least two days prior to your desired post date to give the communications committee time to receive and respond to your request. News for the website from committees and others will be shared as posts on our news blog (https://www.ascvt.org/blog/). If you have an event to share rather, please use the instructions under calendar events instead.
  • Posting date: If there is a reason why an item should not be published before a certain date, don’t wait until that date to send in the news. We can put it on the page but with a “hold” so that it will not appear until the time is right. That way we aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

Calendar Events

To submit an event for the church calendar, please visit the “Church Calendar” page under the “News” menu and follow the link at the top “To submit an item for the calendar” (https://www.ascvt.org/event-submit/)

Requirements for event submission:

  • An event title
  • Your name and email
  • Contact person and email
  • Event description
  • Event Date (the first date that this event will be offered)
  • Event start and end time
  • Description of event frequency

If this is a one-time event, enter “single” in the text box. If this is a recurring event, describe the schedule of recurrence in the text box at the bottom of the form. For example, the first Thursday of the month. If the times for each of the recurring events, please indicate the date of each recurrence and the start and stop times for each.

Website Updates or Requests

Each committee has a page or multiple pages describing the work of the committee. You can find most committee pages under the “Get Involved” menu tab, however related content may also be under other menu items and events. For example, worship committee contributes to multiple pages under the “Worship” menu tab, Religious Education contributes to multiple pages under “Learning”, and the Social & Environmental Action Committee contributes to multiple pages under “Justice.”

Website edits or requests can be made using the same form for regular news updates (https://www.ascvt.org/blog/send-us-your-news/) However, please select “On the All Souls Website” only when answering the question “Where should we direct your news item or update?”

Again, you may choose to use the text box or file upload to share your website update. The file upload accepts image files (.png, .jpeg, .gif), text files (.doc, .docx, .odf), and pdf files. Please make sure that you save your file in an accepted format.

Information needed for updates and requests:

  • URL to page that you’d like to update or if a brand new page, indicate where you’d like it to go.
  • Brief description of update, and, if substantial, the reason for the update.
  • Full update content

Other options for website updates:

  • Have a sign up for regular volunteers? Consider adding a form to your committee page. For an example, see the Caring Circle committee page: https://www.ascvt.org/committees/caring-circle/
  • Have shared documents for your committee that you currently store online or would like to in the future? We can create a way for your committee to use the ASC Google Drive for your shared content. If you want to learn more about this option, contact George Carvill or Bev Miller in the office.


Updated pictures are always needed to keep our website reflective of our current membership and activities. Church policy says we can use pictures of adults taken at public church events without naming them on the web page — but it is always nice to ask for permission anyway. Pictures of children are a different matter. As of the date of this memo, for the children in the RE program, we know whose pictures we can use and which we cannot. If you submit a picture that shows a child’s face and that child is not in our “yes” group we cannot use the picture.

You can share pictures anytime via the “Send us your news” form.  (https://www.ascvt.org/blog/send-us-your-news/) If you have a news or event item to go along with it, rather than sending it separately, please upload your image when submitting news for the enews, newsletter or website or events for the church calendar.

In order to save space on our web server, please limit your image upload to 500K and 72 dpi. If you need assistance limiting your image size, you’ll find many videos and websites online by searching “how to control image size when uploading online.” If you are still at a loss, tell us you haven’t reduced the size of the picture and we will attempt to do so.

Other Website Support

If there is anything else you need assistance with concerning our website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the website team by clicking “HELP” at the top of our webpage or using the direct link: https://www.ascvt.org/webpage-help/.