“Holding Firm on Freedom”

We can proudly reflect on a powerful legacy of activism for justice and independence throughout the history of Unitarian Universalism.  What have we learned and what inspires us individually and as a community to stay “fired up”,  to take meaningful action steps and face a pivotal crossroad of divisive spirituality in the complicated present days.

We anticipate that this service will be both in-person and on Zoom. Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 a.m. to join via Zoom. Click here to read our protocols for in-person attendance.When attending in person, please completely power off your cell phone during the service to preserve the Church’s WiFi bandwidth for our Zoom attendees.


Holding Firm on Freedom”
Worship Leaders: Trish Murtha, Marty Shaw, Karen Tyler

Greeter: Christina Gibbons

Order of Service
Sunday, July 2, 2023

Board Welcome & Announcements                                             Carla Fogg

Prelude in  Db  (“Raindrop”)  Frederic Chopin
                  Eva Greene, piano

Chalice Lighting                                                      Trish Murtha &Marty Shaw
Dag Hammarsjold once said, Each morning we must hold out the chalice of our being, to receive, to carry and to give back. It must be held out empty, for the past must only be reflected in its polish, its shape, its capacity. As we light our chalice today, may we deeply feel the heartbeat of the present, build on les-sons from the past and nurture the possibilities that lie ahead as together we work to build beloved community.

Lighting Our Children’s Chalice                                                      Marty Shaw
We light this chalice to celebrate Unitarian Universalism. We are the church of the open minds. We are the church of the helping hands.  We are the church of the loving hearts.                               

Invitation to Lighting Our Candles of Joys, Sorrows and Concerns     Marty Shaw
We acknowledge that each of us comes to this day with hearts and minds that care for others in love and home, justice and equality, in our community and the world. During the service we invite you at any time to come light a candle and write in the book about your particular joy, sorrow, or concern.

Opening Hymn #1018:  “Come & Go with Me to That Land”

Story For All Ages: “The Story of Ferdinand”
By Munro Leaf & Robert Lawson                                  Reader: Karen Tyler

Reading: “On Freedom”   By John O’Donohue                     Trish Murtha

Special Music Video: GA Choir & Band 2023 “I Am Willing”  by Holly Holmes Near/John Michael McCutcheon
Arr . Adam Podd    Soloist Ami Brabson


Reflection :                                                                                   Marty Shaw

Offering :                                                                                      Marty Shaw
At All Souls our choice is to share our plate with organizations selected by our congregation. Today we give to support the Ministers Discretionary Fund which all year long impacts so many individuals and the community in important ways.

Offertory:   “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free”   Billy Taylor
Eva Greene, piano

Reflection:  UU History–Five Minute Challenge                       Trish Murtha

Song:  “No Man Is an Island”
                Eva Greene, piano and leading vocal

No man is an island, no one stands alone
Each one’s joy is joy to me, each one’s grief is my own.
We need one another, so I will defend
Each one as my brother, each one as my friend.

Poem:     Caged Bird        By  Maya Angelou                         Karen Tyler

Closing Song:  “None of us are free (if one of us is chained)”   Arr. Ray Charles
Steve Squires, voice & guitar

You better listen my brother, ’cause if you do you can hear
There are voices still calling from across the years
And they’re crying across the ocean, crying across the land
And they will ’til we all come to understand

That none of us are free
None of us are free
None of us are free if one of us is chained
None of us are free

There are people in the darkness, and they just can’t see the light
If we don’t say it’s wrong then that says it’s right
We got to feel for each other, let our brothers know we’re here
Got to get the message and send it loud and clear


Well I swear to you salvation isn’t very hard to find
None of us can find it on our own
We got to join together. Spirit, heart and mind
So anyone who’s suffering, knows they’re not alone

If you just look around you, you’re gonna see what I say
Cause the world’s getting smaller every day
It’s time to make some changes now, it’s time all realized
That the truth is shining right before our eyes

[Chorus] 2x

Grace for Joys, Sorrows & Concerns & Extinguishing the Chalice      Karen Tyler
Remembering our spiritual, courageous ancestors who forsook oppression with security to gain freedom with opportunity, may we go forth to master ourselves by accepting duty with responsibility, by showing balance in our judgments and by having breadth of vision in our deliberations. May we be exemplars of that spirit, moving forward with conviction and commitment,with unity and without uniformity, with brotherhood and sisterhood to serve the truth that sets us free.

Invite the Closing Circle/Song:
“Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.” (sung two times)

Benediction & Invitation to Social Gathering                                        Marty Shaw