Speaker: Marty Shaw

“Sharing Our Gifts”

Gather on Christmas morning for a simple service.  Look around your home for something you once loved but are now ready for it to have a new home. Bring it with you to share at this simple service and enjoy the giving  and receiving!

We anticipate … read more.

“The Challenge of Change”

UUs have a reputation for embracing a Don Quixote approach to life, we rally to causes of social and environmental injustices, write letters to the editor, stand on street corners with picket signs, bend the ears of politicians, attend forums and protests. But are we … read more.

“Celebrating Our Independence”

Woohoo! It’s 4th of July Weekend! Time for fireworks, barbeques, and get-togethers. All to celebrate our ever-important Independence. But wait…what about our Interdependence? Isn’t that just as important? Are these values in conflict with each other or in collusion? Join us this Sunday … read more.

“The Turning of the Great Wheel”

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All Souls member Marty Shaw helps us celebrate the Winter Solstice (December 21), the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In this time of greatest darkness, the light is reborn, and the Sun … read more.

“Telling Stories”

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Stories are not “just” stories. They are an important and powerful force in our lives. They help us understand how we came to be the way we are, and where we think our lives are … read more.

“Light Your Candle for Social Justice”

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This Sunday we will commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr and his call to action for Racial Justice. In these challenging times it is hard to hold on to hope. It is difficult to feel that … read more.

The Turning of the Solstice Wheel

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Winter Solstice ; the moment when the Sun “stands still” and the Wheel of Life changes its course of increasing darkness to one of increasing light. That exact moment of stillness calls for attention. Stillness … read more.

Healing and Transition = Transformation

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How are Covid-19, our 2020 elections, and Transgender Day of Remembrance related to one another? All three are about intensive healing and intentional transitioning leading towards meaningful transformations. Join us as we consider the … read more.


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In all likelihood, you are more resilient than you realize. Since you are reading this, you are a monument to the human ability to cope with change, tragedy, crisis, growth, happiness, grief, turns of fortune, … read more.