Speaker: Trish Murtha

“The Dance of Giving and Receiving”

When we get to the core of what being generous really means, we find ourselves in an unexpected place where we can scrutinize our purpose in offering a gesture, donation, or kindness.  Allowing ourselves to come face to face with the person in the mirror, we’ll see … read more.

“Art Making–Go with the Flow!”

Lurking in any art studio behind brushes, paints, paper, mounds of clay, canvas, and unfinished work you’ll find a dented old box labeled “F is for Fear”.  Patrons and viewers of art are unaware that box exists because Gallery walls show only the results of … read more.

“Holding Firm on Freedom”

We can proudly reflect on a powerful legacy of activism for justice and independence throughout the history of Unitarian Universalism.  What have we learned and what inspires us individually and as a community to stay “fired up”,  to take meaningful action steps and face a … read more.

“The Promise of Balance”

What wonder is this greening, this promise from the Universe that the Earth is balanced, that renewal is more than possible! A service filled with the words of the poets and wise ones, traditions from native peoples who trusted that the rivers would swell, that … read more.

Our Hands of Justice

Together, we reach out and re-commit our hands and hearts to the work of justice. Racial justice, equality and care for our GLBTQ and refugee communities, freedom for all people, and in these times of climate crisis, justice for our earth. May we live, speak … read more.