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The Bazaar

Our Holiday Bazaar is a fundraising event that involves almost every member in some way.  It was started sometime in the 1980s.  Mary Dunham, with her great talent in growing things and leading people,  was one of the key  organizers.  The event drew many people … read more.

Maisie Crowther

Maisie Crowther’s Pathway

Chuck and I met through a mutual friend, an “Experimenter.”  We moved to Brattleboro in 1966 – because he was working at The School for International Training. We ‘experimented’ by sampling the local churches. 

One Sunday in 1968, we attended the downtown Old Stone … read more.

James Levinson

James Levinson’s Memories

America’s First Interfaith Jewish/Muslim Service

In the wake of the horrific situation facing Muslims following 9/11, BAJC and the School for International Training organized at WVMH what turned out to be the first interfaith Jewish/Muslim worship service in America. A large group of Jews … read more.

Mary Copans

Mary Copans’s Memories

My introduction to The West Village House was in July of 1977 when we had just moved  here from Hanover, New Hampshire. Our dear friends, the Coopers, New York intellectuals thought we had left the cultural center of New England to moved to … read more.

Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

Faith Schuster from the BAJC

If you were to ask almost anyone from the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community what the West Village Meeting House means to them, they’ll probably say “It’s our home away from home—where we gather for the high holy days and other services … read more.

Amer Latif

Amer Latif’s Memories

This was in the mid-nineties, 1995 onward, Kabir and Camille Helminski, founders of the Threshold Society and publishers of best selling Rumi books like Open Secret (Barks), led a meditation/study group for Sufism.  This group was connected to Rumi’s lineage in Turkey and … read more.


The WVMH has been used for a number of ceremonies and services for other religions.  In this section, you will find appreciation from several good friends for our hospitality over the years.


Theater Adventure

In 2004, Laura Lawson Tucker and Darlene Jensen founded the Theater Adventure Program under the auspices of the New England Youth Theater.  They found a comfortable home and support for their productions at the West Village Meeting House.  

Elijah Jenson was the inspiration for the … read more.

WVMH Productions

 In 2006 Trial by Jury was staged as a fundraiser for the WVMH.  It was the last of many G&S productions over the years.  Church members Tom Baehr and Gay Maxwell performed along with a number of other church members.

In 2007, Charles Butterfield directed an … read more.

Gould and Stearns

Peter Gould and Stephen Stearns drew large audience for their serious fun starting in the 1980s.


If you have a memory about the West Village Meeting House that you would like to share, please tell us about it in the “Reply” section below.