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Leslie Kinney

I was raised by parents whose faith was very much at the core of their being.  They held leadership roles at church, brought us to church family camp, sent us to church youth camp as teens, encouraged us in social action and service, and wrote … read more.

Ruth Lane

What began as my journey to All Souls Church, my husband to be and I were looking for a minister to marry us in 1956.  Eugene’s mother had been a member of the Universalist Church on Canal Street and later attended the Unitarian Universalist Church, … read more.

Brattleboro Women’s Chorus

The Brattleboro Women’s Chorus was founded in the fall of 1996 by Becky Graber. When they began their second semester, in the spring of 1997, Becky moved rehearsals to All Souls Church, and ever since the Women’s Chorus has found welcome and support from the … read more.

Becky Cameron

My family moved to Brattleboro, Vermont during the summer of 1958.  We attended All Souls Church when we were located downtown.  My memories are mostly about our minister, Rev. Fred Miller and our youth group leader, Charles Butterfield.   We had the best time, a … read more.

Linda Stavely

Linda and Tony Stavely were very active in the early 1970s.  Linda was an expert cook and hosted many fundraising meals at WVMH.


If you have a memory about the West Village Meeting House that you would like to share, please tell us about … read more.

Ede Thomas

Ede Thomas’s Pathway to All Souls Church

I became a Unitarian when I married my husband Tommy in 1953.  We got married in my own church which was Presbyterian. But when we went to the rehearsal the night before the wedding, Tommy objected to the minister’s … read more.

Building Named

After almost two years in the new building, the church decided to give their new home a new name.


If you have a memory about the West Village Meeting House that you would like to share, please tell us about it in the “Reply” … read more.

Linda Hay

I have been coming to All Souls Church since good friends chose to hold their Civil Union here. It was soon after Civil Unions had become legal in Vermont. A joyous celebration, those present included the entire fourth grade class taught by one of the … read more.

Marie Gorst

My Pathway to All Souls Church

Originally I was introduced the Unitarian Church as a child of about 8 to 10 years old when my family chose to visit the Unitarian Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. We didn’t attend for long and our attendance was sporadic but … read more.


The WVMH was designed as a home for all kinds of arts which would draw in the wider public. This purpose has been fulfilled by a great variety of concerts, exhibits, and productions over the years. Subdivisions in this large section are Music, … read more.