What began as my journey to All Souls Church, my husband to be and I were looking for a minister to marry us in 1956.  Eugene’s mother had been a member of the Universalist Church on Canal Street and later attended the Unitarian Universalist Church, known as the Stone Church, on Main Street. Eugene’s sister was also active in the religious education program there.  So here was our connection.  We did not seek to find out anything about the UU religion or ask any questions.  It did not matter at the time.  We had found a church and a minister to marry us.  In March of 1956 we took our vows in the parlor in front of the fireplace of the Stone church with a small group of family members.

Both my husband and I continued to attend church regularly and got involved with the Scoremores, a social group within the church for people twenty one years and older for pot luck suppers and other activities.  I was also asked to assist with the RE program and youth group when needed.

In 1957 we became interested in joining the church and found that ASC beliefs and values met our needs.  We felt blessed to be part of the “can do” religion where we all have the strength and power to make good things happen.  We also wanted our children to have some type of religious involvement. All three of our daughters were dedicated into the UU faith.

During my 64 years at ASC, I have worn many hats. I served on the committee to relocate and build the West Village Meeting House.   I also served as Collector.  I was President of the UU Women’s Federation which was active in raising funds with the tag sale and Christmas bazaar.  The Bazaar was turned over to the whole church community in the 1970s in which I am still involved.

I served on the Green Sanctuary committee when we received accreditation as a Green Sanctuary congregation in 2006.  I was on the Nominating committee for three terms.  One of my most rewarding committees was being co-chair with John Spicer of the Buildings and Grounds committee which we both held for many years.  We met monthly with a dedicated group of seven members who each had their own tasks.  

I like to feel myself as a behind-the-scenes person who doesn’t like a lot of fanfare but sees the need to help where it is needed.  Gene died in 2003, but this is my church and you are my extended family and I feel blessed to be part of this faith community.