Shared Collection Policy

(For current details see the Shared Offering Program)

All Souls Church has a practice of sharing its collection plate with individuals or organizations that meet the needs we support in our ministry. The collection plate will be shared with the Minister’s Discretionary Fund on the first Sunday of each month, and a designated community organization on the remaining Sundays.

The funds collected for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund will be all of the cash and any checks indicating Minister’s Discretionary Fund received on the first Sunday of each month, to be deposited in an All Souls separate bank account under the control of the minister then serving. “The minister may then distribute funds from that account in response to a request for help from All Souls Church members or friends, or from the general community.

The funds collected for a designated community organization will be half of the cash and half of all checks not indicating payment of the donor’s pledge to All Souls, on all but the first Sundays of the month to be deposited in the All Souls general checking account. A check for the amount to be distributed will be issued as soon as practicable to the designated organization’s qualified representative. A community organization is “designated” as a recipient of the shared collection by decision of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may consider the input of committees and members of All Souls in designating the community organization recipients.

The Board of Trustees will communicate who the recipient of the shared collection will be at the beginning of each Sunday service, as well as advance communication to the congregation, in the form of the monthly newsletter and other All Souls media.

Adopted October 17, 2016

/s/ Ed Burke, President

Ed note, July 1, 2019. The second policy adopted by the Board shortly after I took office as President, July 1, 2016, addressed the widespread confusion at that time regarding how collections would be distributed and accounted for. What is deemed a pledge payment versus what goes into the shared collection plate were addressed. Payment procedures to beneficiaries were made clear, as well as to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. There have been ongoing tweaks to the procedures, especially to align with the solid framework that has resulted from the renewed Stewardship efforts.