Administrative and Ownership Policy for ASCUU Website 12/19/2016

(See also Additional Web Policies)

  1. The Congregation of ASCUU owns and operates the church website at ascvt,org and pays for its hosting plan, domain registration, and any other ongoing or onetime cost associated with the website.
  2. Full administrative access to the site includes the Church Administrator, the webmaster, (the chair of the communications committee), and the Minister. This access includes having the user name and password which give the fullest control over the hosting plan, the domain registration, the content management system and other utilities that are critical to the existence and maintenance of the website.
  3. Content management access. The Church Administrator, webmaster, and Minister should have access to and be willing to update the content of the site in a timely manner. At least three members of the congregation including at least one Board member and the service cancelation teamshould also have access to content management. Procedures should be set up and reviewed to assure that each committee and group responsible for church events and activities knows who to contact to submit content,which will be edited and formatted for inclusion in accordance with the overall policies and procedures.
  4. Documentation and training materials to help administrators and content managers keep the website up to date shall be available in both electronic form and hard copy, and are the responsibility of the webmaster .
  5. The Communications Committee and/or the Board shall annually evaluate whether the  website is furthering the mission of the congregation, and whether or not those  updating the site are adequately supported with training and the  availability  of  the  information they  need in order to  update it.
  6. Respect for copyright is a policy of the Congregation. The site should include a notice on how the content may be used. The Congregation should respect copyright by posting only text, photos. videos, etc. that they have permission to reproduce.

Adopted Jan. 23, 2017

/s/ Ed Burke, President

Ed. Note, July 1, 2019. This policy, along with the accompanying media privacy policy adopted at the same time, reflect the herculean efforts of Linda Hay and her cohorts in getting the ASC webpage up. As the time for launching the website drew nigh, we realized that we needed guiding principles concerning privacy, dissemination of materials, and effective management and maintenance of the website. Since these policies were adopted Linda, Sarah Lott, George Carvill and I’m sure others have fashioned a beautifully expressive and informative site. All ASC webmasters particularly need to be mindful of how these policies address important issues before them, and to administer accordingly.