Memories from Maisie Crowther

Today we celebrate our 50 years of gathering in this building. Although we are not able to gather here today, we are remembering the warmth of friendship through art-making in a myriad of ways. On our website, there is a longer ‘history’ of our mission to make art accessible, both to the creators – our congregation and friends — and to the larger community.

In a nutshell, we have achieved both goals –to encourage the creative spirit in each soul, as well as to invite those in our community to join in the process. 

Here are a few ways we have done this:

In the early 70s, Robert MacLean was the Administrator (we did not have a minister.) As an artist and illustrator, he promoted the use of our Foyer and Hallways as monthly exhibit spaces for artists. Hooks were hammered right into the walls! Artists held their own receptions, and the annual Small Point, Maine artist group show was a memorable event. 

As the walls needed repair after every show, it was necessary to find a better system. In the early 90s, Ruth Lane and others installed better lighting and runners from which wires and hooks can be adjusted for pleasing effects. Beverly Alberts and Joy Wallens-Penford led an Art Committee to help the artist hang their works in a professional manner. In recent years, the Art Committee has helped provide promotional news releases, and edible delicacies at receptions.  

There were many willing hands to help artists share their work.  And, who were/are these artists? Simultaneously, they were/are us – and,  they are our friends in the Greater Brattleboro area!  We have our annual member and friends multimedia show in which our children are invited to participate. Many are experienced teachers, and exhibitors. Many who have never exhibited recognize that our church might be a suitable venue for their first exhibit.  We are dedicated to uphold our mission to encourage those artists who seek peaceful interconnectedness through visual media.

Carolyn Allbee, middle, Molly Martin, right , Maisie Crowther
Vermont Watercolor Society show.
Guests come to a reception in the foyer for the artwork of David Parker.

Joy Wallens-Penford and Lois Reynolds host a reception for an art opening.

If you have a memory about the West Village Meeting House that you would like to share, please tell us about it in the “Reply” section below.

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