The Church choir in its current configuration was started about 1985 when Barbara Pfeil gathered together members who liked to sing.  For several years, we rehearsed and performed without a conductor.  When Ede Thomas moved to Brattleboro full time, she became choir director.  Shortly after that, Nancy Reed moved to town and became the accompanist. Nancy brought a portable organ to the building and played that as well.  She and Ede took turns directing the choir.  There were a number of skilled singers, especially Tommie Thomas and Jack Reed.

ASC choir c. 2010  back row l. to r. Harald Holm, Charles Butterfield, Orion Barber, Peter Nadolny, Steve Squires, Daniel Kasnitz, Tom Baehr, Jeanne Austin, Janis Chaillou, Christina Gibbons, Sharry Manning
Front row. Mary Lou Treat, Alison Hannon, Marty Whitney, Beth McKinney, Laura Schairbaum, Joy Wallens-Penford, Judy Ingison, Maisie Crowther, Ede Thomas.

Over the years, in addition to singing a weekly anthem at All Souls Church, members have participated in town wide events and ecumenical services.  Tom Baehr has been the director since September 2014.  He  has presided over virtual rehearsals and recorded  anthems during the pandemic era.

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