Camp Hogwarts, 2010-2015

With as many as 40 campers some years, Camp Hogwarts was begun by Jessie DeVries, Director of Religious Education in 2010 and continued by Linda Hay through 2015. It was open to children from throughout the wider community for six glorious years.  The assistance of the Congregation, in person and financially, enabled the campers to explore the Harry Potter books as sources of inspiration and  entertainment.

We played Quidditch, first  on the lawn and later in Marty and Jamie’s backyard. We had British tea parties and sang silly songs with Dan Kaznitz in our Great Hall (the chapel, complete with floating candles). In the Forbidden Forest John Spicer created trails for Owl Hunts and a search for dragon eggs. Craft projects, cooking, read alouds and discussions about what we thought about various characters and their actions made for ever changing activities, suited to large age range off the campers and the eventual move to a full day. Having so much space indoors and out made the camp work as counselors and teachers could always find a place suited to their activities.

Hogwarts campers
Daniel Kaznitz leads the Hogwarts campers in song.
Hogwarts student brewing up some fun.

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