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Inclement Weather and Cancellations at ASC

When Inclement Weather Occurs

Around Services and Other Events at All Souls Church

▸ Decide on your own safety first when wondering whether or not to attend an event at ASC.

○ No event is worth risking harm or injury to yourself or others to … read more.

Our Policy on Board Actions

Policy: Board Action Taken Without Meeting

In order to facilitate the conduct of the business of All Souls Church pursuant to the powers provided under the Bylaws, the President, or, in his stead, the Vice-President acting as President under authority of the Bylaws, may call … read more.

Our Policy For Public Events

Policy For Holding A Public Event at West Village Meeting House

On occasion members and committees of All Souls Church may want to hold or sponsor an event at the West Village Meeting House, including the grounds, to which the general public is invited.  This … read more.

Our Bylaws

All Souls Church Unitarian Universalist

(as amended May 17, 2011)


General Provisions

Section 1. All Souls Church Unitarian Universalist is a democratic, religious institution that subscribes to no creed and affirms and promotes the Seven Principles of … read more.

Our Church Web Policies

Our congregation, our board, and our minister have worked to establish a number of policies to ensure fairness and inclusion as well as to protect the rights of all who attend All Souls Church or use our website. The current policies are listed at left. … read more.

Our Policy on Gifts

General Policy on Gifts to All Souls Church

All Souls Church Unitarian Universalist welcomes gifts in the form of memorials, honorariums, bequests and other extraordinary donations to support the mission and ministry of the church.  Monetary gifts will be designated by the Board of Trustees … read more.