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Reopening Highlights Phase 2A

UPDATE: Restrictions lifted on July 1; Services on Zoom until September All Souls Church will lift previous restrictions in place for COVID-19 as of July 1, 2021, including limitations on numbers of people in the building or on the grounds and other required protocols.  The facility will be open for both congregants and renters following … Continue reading Reopening Highlights Phase 2A

Current Reopening Plan, Phase 2A

Reopening Task Force The board has lifted restrictions. Click here to see their message. The link below will take you to the now out-dated Phase 2A information. The full text of Phase 2A is available by using this link.

Task Force Minutes

ASC Reopening Task Force – Notes from Meeting 23 Oct. 2022 Members present: Steve, Leslie, Telos, Jamie, Peter. Missing: George Recommendations: Serving of food and drink indoors is allowed, including meals such as church breakfasts, dinners, etc.  Use of air purifiers and other measures, like distancing, is encouraged to further reduce risk of COVID transmission. … Continue reading Task Force Minutes

Mission Statement

Mission Statement The All Souls board has asked us to form the “Reopening Task Force” to  consider the steps, criteria and protocol for opening up in-person activities at All Souls Church. Under consideration is everything from individual appointments, small group and committee meetings to larger events including worship services and public gatherings as well as any … Continue reading Mission Statement

Reopening Task Force

Latest Update The Reopening Task Force is weighing many variables. Click here to see emerging plans. It is thinking about recommending that on March 13th we try an in-person service that would also be on Zoom — a practice called a “hybrid service.” Update 2/9/2022: The Board approved the recommendations from the Reopening Task Force … Continue reading Reopening Task Force

On-line Service Letter

The following letter was sent to the All Souls Congregation on March 16: I had this dream, and in it we all went a little nuts…hoarding canned goods, hand sanitizer and toilet paper of all things!  Oh, wait.  THAT really happened!   But in my dream, after all the hoarding was over, compassion, dignity and … Continue reading On-line Service Letter