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Restrictions lifted on July 1; Services on Zoom until further notice

All Souls Church will lift previous restrictions in place for COVID-19 as of July 1, 2021, including limitations on numbers of people in the building or on the grounds and other required protocols.  The facility will be open for both congregants and renters following pre-pandemic norms.

All Souls Church follows the state’s “universal guidance” which encourages unvaccinated Vermonters, including unvaccinated children, to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing, particularly indoors.  People should continue to practice good hygiene and should stay home if they feel ill.  Many individuals who have been vaccinated may choose to continue wearing masks.  All Souls Church will continue to have hand sanitizer and masks available for use but will no longer record who is in the building for contact tracing.

In-person church activities will resume slowly throughout summer 2021 as more people become vaccinated with the recommendation that gatherings be held outdoors whenever possible.  Worship services will continue on Zoom until September 2021.

Approved by the Board on June 21, 2021

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