Mission Statement

The All Souls board has asked us to form the “Reopening Task Force” to  consider the steps, criteria and protocol for opening up in-person activities at All Souls Church. Under consideration is everything from individual appointments, small group and committee meetings to larger events including worship services and public gatherings as well as any potential combination of in-person and zoom activities.

For Task Force members, the board chose people who would represent various aspects of the church — current and past leadership, medical viewpoint, worship and communications. George Carvill, Peter Gibbons, Jamie Gibson, Steve Squires and Karen Tyler all readily agreed to serve on this task force with Shayna, Ed, Leslie and Telos available for consult.

 We will be guided by our own consciences as well as principles grounded in our faith as suggested by the UUA. The Task Force accepts these as a good starting point:

  • Our abiding care and concern for the most vulnerable, inside and outside our congregation.
  • Accessibility and inclusion for all of our members and friends to participate in our congregation, regardless of health status, health vulnerability, or ability.
  • Recognition that we are part of an interdependent web and, as such, our risk-taking and our protective actions affect far more than just ourselves.
  • Ethical treatment and expectations for our leaders and staff, minimizing the risks to their own health and well-being.
  • Our affirmation that good science, coupled with our UU values, must be the basis upon which we make decisions about in-person gathering.
  • Commitment to our mission, community, and theology more than ever, mindful of the spiritual demands of this transition.

We will be transparent in our work. Our meetings will be open to any member of All Souls Church. We will present our recommendations to the Board of Trustees in a timely manner for affirmation or approval, with the understanding that action by the Board may be expedited by e-voting or specially called meetings of the Board, as may be deemed necessary by the President. We will endeavor to update the congregation via the church e-mail publications and church web page, although we don’t yet know how that will look or the frequency of our updates.

Anyone with questions about reopening should contact the church office to have questions and concerns relayed to the task force.

   Karen Tyler, co-chair
Steve Squires, co-chair
George Carvill
Peter Gibbons
Jamie Gibson