Here’s how to get ready for on-line services and committee meetings

It is important that we stay together and support each other through these troubling times. To that end, All Souls Church will be hosting virtual worship services and some on-line committee meetings. Details will be forth coming. But what you can do now is get your computer ready to handle these meetings.

The first link will give you some general information and show you a video about what to expect.

Click here to learn how to join a meeting.

The second link might allow you to join a test meeting to make sure your computer or smartphone or iPad is ready to go. As explained in the first video, if you do not have the Zoom application installed on your machine you will be prompted to do so.

But not that Zoom has been making changes and this “test” meeting might not work. If it doesn’t work you will get a message saying your meeting ID is invalid. Don’t worry about it. If you got that far you can be 95 percent sure you will be able to join an All Souls Service.

Click here to join a “test” meeting to make sure all is working


If you have any questions, contact George Carvill.