ASC Reopening Task Force – Notes from Meeting July 2, 2020

TO DO’s: posted at the top so they are visible

All: mark calendars for next meeting, 4:00 Thursday July 9th . 

Karen: contact Miss Martha’s to clarify what their usage pattern is for the building and grounds, so ASC can plan and maintain safe distancing.

Polish up Phase 1 recommendations for submission to the Board

Peter:   keep track of the evolving science on Covid 19, to keep us informed of the reasoning behind the recommendations we get from on high, and what is most important.

Attendees: Rev. Shayna Appel, George Carvill, Peter Gibbons, Jamie Gibson, Leslie Kinney, Steve Squires, Karen Tyler,

New toilet seats have been installed, so all now have lids that close. Steve notes that of 5 toilets in the building, 4 are in the space reserved for our renter.  Whenever we return to significant gatherings in the building, we will likely need at least weekend access to the west wing restrooms, and deal with proper sanitation.  Peter notes that the lighting in the former men’s room is terrible; the fluorescent fixtures are failing and need replacement.

George has placed hand sanitizer in a prominent position just inside the main entrance, with signage encouraging people to use it. Beverly is ordering new supplies.

Although Theater Adventure is not holding in-person classes, they do have a copier in the building. They may enter and use it, provided they follow the same Phase 1 rules as ASC is using.

We discussed the relative urgency of reopening. Shayna notes that most UU churches, even in relatively under-control New England, are expecting to remain largely closed until the fall of 2021; yes, next year.  (The number of new COVID cases is currently growing rapidly in much of the U.S.)  Shayna shared a survey which another church used to measure both the interest level in resuming various at-church activities, and what people are most concerned about in deciding whether to attend in person. We may do a similar survey.

Jamie noted that we would need a winterization plan if much of the building is unoccupied through the winter.

We will be targeting allowing groups of up to 10 ( a number picked to support Small Groups, should they really want to meet in person). Need to work out when and where to avoid Miss Martha’s kids, and rest room access. The convener will likely be responsible for ensuring that proper sanitation happens.

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