ASC Reopening Task Force – Notes from Meeting June 19, 2020

TO DO’s: posted at the top so they are visible

All: mark calendars for next meeting, 4:00 Friday 26th .

Steve:   look into what it would take to create a hand-washing station consisting of an outdoor sink connected to the outside faucet, and the drain in the outdoor stone patio.

George: Set up Google Doc for task force members to collaborate on

George: Make the Reopening Task Force web page visible on the ASC web site, with announcement on weekly e-news.

Leslie: consider liability issues, perhaps contacting Church Mutual

Karen: draft recommendation to board that the bathroom project go forward

Attendees: George Carvill, Peter Gibbons, Jamie Gibson, Leslie Kinney, Steve Squires, Karen Tyler, Rev. Telos Whitfield

We unanimously agreed that however uncertain the recovery or timetable, we will ultimately need the planned new bathroom, especially in winter.  Karen will draft recommendation to board that this project be authorized and started.

George will set up a Google Doc where Task Force members can collaborate on writing out exactly what we will be recommending to the board. The draft re-opening plan Shayna suggested last week (itself adapted from another church) will serve as a starting point.

George had created a sample web page where the Task Force could openly communicate with the church community. It was well received. George will make it visible.

Outdoor meetings are a likely short-term goal: We discussed a wide range of issues including

Bathroom access, which may need to be restricted to one person/group at a time in the building.  We will look into creating an outdoor handwashing station in the stone patio area, where there is both an outdoor faucet and a drain.

Including those unable or unwilling to attend in person, which likely involves Zoom (etc.) and proximity to a strong WiFi signal.

Good communications to gracefully encourage the most at-risk people to self-identify and stay safe.

Space conflicts with each other and with the preschool, where the kids run around outside a lot (a good thing)

Our own small children, who also need to run around.

Will likely mean bring-your-own chairs, and where food is involved, bring-your own everything, including utensils (per CDC recommendation).

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